A San Diego Escape Room Adventure 


All players must sign an Accident Waiver and Release of Liability form before entering the premises.

Your escape room adventure begins with either a short video or a live actor to set the scene.  You will then be led into the escape room and the clock begins to run.  If you don't make your way out, the room attendant will let you out.  We will not show you how to escape the room at the end.  If you came with friends, perhaps you should select different friends to bring with you if you want to try again.  Let's face it -- all of us have "some friends" who are fun but totally clueless.  Plan on spending about 75 minutes from the time you enter our facility. 

Please be sure to arrive a few minutes in advance of your time!  We offer both on-street and FREE off-street parking.  Also, be sure to finish any food or drinks you may have with you as they are not permitted inside the escape room.  If you're having a birthday party, we will be happy to assist you setting up your party after the show. 

You will not be permitted to bring purses, jackets, backpacks, cell phones, electronic devices or cameras inside the escape room.  Photography or recording of any kind is forbidden by players.  Players caught taking notes or taking any type of photography will be removed from the premises and no refund will be given.  For players who do bring personal items into the facility, we provide a cart where all items must be placed and the cart is brought into the room with the players.  The cart is in full view of all players during the time the escape room experience is occurring.  Unlike other escape room facilities, you may take photos after the show inside the rooms.  Please feel free to post your photos on Instagram, Facebook, Trip Advisor, etc.   Nightwalker Caverns changes its escape rooms and regularly adds new puzzles to our rooms.

NOTE:  If you are going to arrive late, you must call us to make sure that your late arrival will not interfere with the next show.  If you cancel without notice or cannot make it on time, no refund is permitted.  However, we will permit you to re-book for another date and time. 

Further, if you leave the escape room for any reason prior to the expiration of the time for the escape, you will not be permitted to return, and there are no refunds or exchanges permitted.

Nightwalker Caverns has installed night vision security cameras throughout the building.   By entering, players agree to being photographed and/or videotaped. 

As a final note, when you leave the facility, please do not spoil the fun or intrigue of the game for other players by revealing answers to puzzles and clues..

team  building

Nightwalker Caverns Escape Room is a perfect team building experience for your office, club, or class.  The players must work together and learn to focus their attention on deciphering the clues, while being immersed in exhilarating and distracting special effects. 

(4-10 PLAYERS)
$32 [per person] 

A challenging SPOOF adventure game in which players are locked in a clown cage on a carnival midway.  

(Not suitable for players under 13.)
(LEVEL 2 CHALLENGE utilizing Generation 1 & 2 locks)

The First and Only Spoof on Escape Rooms and Haunted Houses in San Diego

(and maybe in California or maybe in the whole world)


If you are one of those people who enjoy horror and also enjoy laughter, then our SPOOF on escape rooms and haunted houses is just for you and designed to make you scream and laugh harder than any escape room around.  For the true escape room fanatic, who has "tried them all" and is ready for something new, why not take your adventure seeking self another step further?  Why not try something really different?  Why not try a parody based, escape room experience where you're actually part of the show? 

No special skills are needed in the Nightwalker Caverns Escape Room Adventures.  However, you will need to put 4 of your 5 senses into play -- along with a truly "dark" sense of humor.  We ask you not to taste any of the props -- no matter how tempted you may be.  Just be prepared to keep an open mind, while you laugh and scream as you experience this macabre-style spoof on escape rooms and haunted houses ... and even if you don't win, it's 1 hour of total immersion into a fun filled parody.  When it comes to San Diego escape rooms, don't just keep asking yourself, "Hasn't it all been done to death?"  Go the opposite direction and experience a unique San Diego escape room haunted house spoof! 

Keep reading for a description of our rooms!

(Level 2 - DOWNRIGHT HARDER THAN HECK) Players must work together while separated to solve. 

Let's face it -- if you've already visited a score of San Diego escape rooms (or nationwide escape rooms) and you've explored every haunted house ever built at Halloween -- and find yourself wondering lately if your passion for escape rooms and haunted houses has turned into your true "destiny and calling," then perhaps you need to consult with our fortune teller, Clue Master Confusion, who foresees a totally different future for you.  Perhaps your true destiny is to become another actor trapped in a cage on the Clownatorium Carnival Midway where you can be endlessly pranked and forever at the mercy of sarcastic and rude clowns. 

Be forewarned -- If crude, vulgar humor detracts from your idea of the ideal escape room, then The Clownatorium is not for you -- or -- If you're offended by pranks and gross props, then The Clownatorium is not for you.

Although it's a SPOOF on escape rooms and haunted houses, it is an actual puzzle game that the "Regular Clown" (like the majority of us who don't over-think things) can decipher.  WARNING:  Players are forced to work together by the design and dynamics of this San Diego escape room.  Remember, this is a Player controlled, level-of-difficulty room.  The Players must decide whether or not to use clues.  With an unlimited number of clues available, the only question becomes, "Will the Players use the Clues or not?"  The Players are in total control of this fun-filled escape room -- so win or lose -- the Players determine whether or not they will forever be forced to entertain carnival goers.  The assistance you need to escape the cage and navigate your way through the midway to escape the carnival will be provided by live actors in the escape room with you and 2 clue masters:  Clue Master Jitterz the Clown and Clue Master Confusion.  

And remember --  you don't have to be a genius to WIN at 


Room Capacity:  10 players   --  Minimum Number of Players:  4  ---   Time:     60 minutes

This is a LEVEL 2 (VERY, VERY CHALLENGING) puzzle oriented SPOOF.

A minimum of 4 players is required to properly operate this San Diego escape room.

The Clownatorium is not recommended for players under 14 as it is dark and its subject matter may be too scary

for younger players.  Additionally, younger players cannot contribute anything to the game as the puzzles

are designed with adult players in mind.  Adult supervision is required at all times. 

Prior permission must be obtained if players under 14 are being brought to this San Diego escape room. 

Guests must not book children in rooms without prior permission or admission will be denied at the door. 



A whimsical spoof on locating the Grail!  Getting captured by aliens creates a feeling of dread and the urgent need to escape after Players find themselves being transported through time.  Players will engage in a scavenger hunt puzzle requiring they find the Grail to unlock their captors' space ship. 

This unique San Diego escape room is suitable for tweens, teens, and adults with a sense of adventure -- but don't be fooled -- the puzzles are challenging enough for even the most skilled escape room enthusiasts.  Escape game players are left to the task of solving their escape from a time travelling spaceship and solving one of history's mysteries -- finding the Holy Grail.  Then, the escape game players must find their way back into the space ship to return home.

This room, like all of Nightwalker Caverns Escape Rooms, has a MACABRE theme

and may contain gruesome depictions not suitable for all children. 

This room is not recommended for children under 12 years as it is dark and may be scary. 

Persons under 18 must be accompanied by adults. 

Room capacity:  8 players  -- Minimum Number of Escape Game Players:  4   --   Time:     60 minutes
This is a LEVEL 1 (CHALLENGING) puzzle oriented SPOOF.




A spoof on tomb raider and mummy adventure movies where team escape game players are transported

through a worm hole back in time 36,400 years to the Zep Tepi era when

Gods possessing eternal life still ruled the planet.  

Only the most savvy escape game players will successfully escape the space/time travelling ship and free

Queen Tut-Ra-men before the tomb collapses or suffer eternal entrapment! 

This room is designed for experienced escape room gamers and is not suitable for younger players under 14 due to the

complexity of the puzzles and skill level needed for escape.  Persons under 18 must be accompanied by adults.

Room capacity 10 players  -- Minimum Number of Players:  4 --  Time:  90 minutes

This is a LEVEL 3 (EXPERT ESCAPE ROOM PLAYER) puzzle oriented SPOOF.


WARNING:  Persons under 14 years cannot be booked into these San Diego escape rooms without contacting the management in advance.  Nightwalker Caverns Escape Room Adventures reserves the right to refuse admission to any person or to remove any person from the premises before or during a show.  Please read additional warnings on the ABOUT tab before purchasing tickets. 

Promotional offers are subject to date, time restrictions and availability

For additional information on holding a PARTY utilizing one or more rooms, or to reserve an escape room for your group only, after reviewing the information contained in the CONTACT and FAQ tabs, please feel free to contact us at 619-280-7029 or via e-mail at:   info@nightwalkercaverns.com.

parties  &  special events

Nightwalker Caverns Escape Room has party capability by booking one or more escape rooms.  Just contact us about your date and requirements, and we can arrange a private event for your group.  You bring the people - we bring the fun!


 Nightwalker Caverns Escape Room Adventures are immersive escape room experiences which involve 4-10 Players who must act as teams to solve complex puzzles and riddles.  These unique San Diego escape rooms feature state of the art electronic locking systems specifically designed for each escape room.  Larger groups can book multiple rooms and compete as teams.  The players will control the level of difficulty of the game by deciding whether or not to utilize verbal or written clues, which are provided by a live actor Clue Master.

book now

(4-10 PLAYERS)

tut's  rut

$45 [per person]

For the Tomb Raider in all of us! 

Put on your pith helmet!  1.5 hour escape game.

(Not suitable for players under 15.)

(LEVEL 3 CHALLENGE  utilizing Generation 1 & 2 locks)


Fah-King Space Grail

$32 [per person]​​

A race in time against aliens intent on

finding the Grail.  

(Not suitable for players under 12.)

(LEVEL 1 CHALLENGE utilizing both Generation 1 and 2 locks)



 Escape   Room   Adventures

escape  puzzles

Nightwalker Caverns Escape Rooms offer a variety of multi-level, challenging, clue-related puzzles in multiple scenarios.  This is not the stereotypical escape room venue and features state-of-the art electronic locks along with unique, specially designed locks and puzzles.