All players must sign an Accident Waiver and Release of Liability form before entering the premises.

All bookings are private -- we do not mix groups.  If you book for less than the maximum number, we block out the other spots.  If you want to bring additional Players, they can pay at the door and sign in with your group.

Your escape room adventure begins with a live actor briefing to set the scene.  You will then be led into the escape room and the clock begins to run.  If you get stuck -- don't stress!  We allow Players as many clues as they want and need.  However, if you came with friends and didn't escape, perhaps you should select different friends to bring with you if you want to try another room.  Let's face it -- all of us have "some friends" who are fun -- but totally clueless.  On a more serious note, we want you to have a great time -- and we want you to escape!  Our focus is for Players to have a lot of fun -- our games are not designed to stump the Players!!  Plan on spending about 75 - 120 minutes from the time you enter our facility. 

Please be sure to arrive a few minutes in advance of your time!  We offer both on-street and FREE off-street parking.  Also, be sure to finish any food or drinks you may have with you as they are not permitted inside the escape room.  If you're having a birthday party, we will be happy to assist you setting up your party after the show. 

You will not be permitted to bring purses, jackets, backpacks, cell phones, electronic devices or cameras inside the escape room.  Photography or recording of any kind is forbidden by players until after the game is completed.  For players who do bring personal items into the facility, we provide a cart where all items must be placed and the cart is brought into the room with the players.  The cart is in full view of all players during the time the escape room experience is occurring.  Unlike other escape room facilities, you may take photos after the show inside the rooms.  Please feel free to post your photos on Instagram, Facebook, Trip Advisor, etc.  -- and be sure to tag us!!  We believe our rooms are the Best San Diego escape room adventures, so we want you to share your photos with the world!!

NOTE:  If you are going to arrive late, you must call us to make sure that your late arrival will not interfere with the next show.  If you cancel without notice or cannot make it on time, no refund is permitted.  However, we will permit you to re-book for another date and time. 

Further, we hope you won't need to leave the escape room for any reason prior to the expiration of the time for the escape.  If you do, the game will proceed without you, but you can re-join the game provided the other Players agree.  No additional time is added to the game if a Player decides to leave the game for any reason. 

Nightwalker Caverns has installed night vision security cameras inside the escape rooms and party area.  Security cameras are also located in the common areas outside the building.   By entering, players agree to being photographed and/or videotaped. 

As a final note, when you leave the facility, please do not spoil the fun or intrigue of the game for other players by revealing answers to puzzles and clues..

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the Original immersive theater escape game business

featuring live actors and Hollywood-style effects

Since 2014, we've been combining actors, special effects, and custom built props into theater-style escape room scenarios.  Surprises wait around each corner, solve one puzzle and discover clues to the next.  Nonlinear rooms allow all players to participate and join in the fun.  Each room is unique and unlike any other concept on the market today.  This is not just an escape room, it is a magical stage where players get to live a mystery, which they must solve in just 90 minutes.  There are 3 adventure themed stories sure to satisfy even the most avid immersive theater fans.  We'll be looking for you!! 

Best San Diego Escape Room Adventure 

parties  &  special events

Nightwalker Caverns Escape Room has a large party and conference room for birthdays, social meet-ups, or any event you want to celebrate.  Just contact us about your date and requirements, and we can arrange a private event for your group.  You bring the people - we bring the fun!

team  building

Nightwalker Caverns Escape Room is a perfect team building experience for your office, club, or class.  The players must work together and learn to focus their attention on deciphering the clues, while being immersed in exhilarating and distracting special effects. 


Nightwalker Caverns is a non-linear, Generation 4 escape room adventure featuring electronic puzzle locks, immersive sets filled with specialty lighting and sound, live actors, and interactive props to enhance your experience.  Our rooms have multiple areas of game play, which will all be in play at the end of the game.  If Players see something they want to explore, but it won’t open easily (like a box or a door), they will need to figure out the puzzle to open the electronic lock.  When a puzzle is solved on an electronic lock, listen for a click or slight noise meaning the lock has opened.  (Hint:  laughter means you did not do the lock correctly.)  Don’t try to force open doors or pry open boxes.  To keep traditional escape room enthusiasts happy, there are a few padlock/key and combination locks in the room. 

​Designed and operated by Shane Watton and his daughter, Tiffany Watton, Nightwalker Caverns Escape Room Adventures emerged in 2014 as a haunted house with actors performing parody skits of horror shows that were a little bit scary and just the right amount of funny.  By 2016 the show had morphed into a year-round business incorporating elements of fantasy, horror, and science fiction genres into 3 action-packed escape adventures.  From its outset, Nightwalker Caverns was the first local escape room business to combine live theater with special effects and the latest technology.  Overall, the custom-built, nonlinear games provide the perfect backdrop where Players can laugh, share ideas, and collectively work together.  Whether visiting as a group of friends or participating in a corporate team building activity, Nightwalker Caverns' ongoing commitment to new design concepts and wildly fun experiences will turn your preconceived notions about escape rooms upside down.  Prepare yourself for the Best San Diego escape room adventure business.


Fah-King Grail Game

$30 [per person]​​

A little bit Goonie, a little bit Monty, a fast-paced escape room game racing aliens intent on  finding Arthur's swords and the Grails.  

(Not suitable for players under 12.)

(LEVEL 1 CHALLENGE utilizing both Generation 1 and 2 locks)



(4-10 PLAYERS)

Escape Game Adventure
$32 [per person] ​​
Original concept and design featuring live actors 

an immersive theater setting that will turn your

ideas about escape rooms Upside Down.

(Not suitable for players under 13.)
(LEVEL 2 CHALLENGE utilizing Generation 1 & 2 locks)

WARNING:  Persons under 14 years cannot be booked into these San Diego escape rooms without contacting the management in advance.  Nightwalker Caverns Escape Room Adventures reserves the right to refuse admission to any person or to remove any person from the premises before or during a show.  Please read additional warnings on the ABOUT tab before purchasing tickets. 

Promotional offers are subject to date, time restrictions and availability

For additional information on holding a PARTY utilizing one or more rooms, or to reserve an escape room for your group only, after reviewing the information contained in the CONTACT and FAQ tabs, please feel free to contact us at 619-280-7029 or via e-mail at:

(4-10 PLAYERS)


$45 [per person]

Thrilling escapade for the Tomb Raider fan

  1.5 hours escape room experience

(Not suitable for players under 15)

(LEVEL 3 CHALLENGE  utilizing Generation 1 & 2 locks)

The First and Only Spoof on Escape Rooms and Haunted Houses in San Diego

(and maybe in California or maybe in the whole world)


If you are one of those people who enjoy horror and also enjoy laughter, then our SPOOF on escape rooms and haunted houses is just for you and designed to make you scream and laugh harder than any escape room around.  For the true escape room fanatic, who has "tried them all" and is ready for something new, why not take your adventure seeking self another step further?  Why not try something really different?  Why not try a parody based, escape room experience where you're actually part of the show? 



THE GAME:  Your friend, Barb, vanished while cutting through a closed-down carnival on her way to the Arcade where you all hang out.  The carnival is owned by evil Nightwalker Clowns who live in underground caverns beneath the carnival.  You’ve heard stories about others who entered the old carnival and were never seen again, but you’ve found Barb’s backpack outside an unlocked door to the mirror maze building, and you’ve got to find her.  When you open the door, it will set off an alarm and the on-duty Security Clown will be alerted.  The Clown will notify his evil employers that trespassers are inside the carnival.  The Clown will try to scare you and divert your attention from finding Barb, but he secretly wants you to escape so he’s left you clues in Clue boxes around the Carnival.  It takes 90 minutes for the Nightwalker Clowns to get to the carnival from their underground caverns.  You need to find Barb and escape before they arrive.

  Remember, this is a Player controlled, level-of-difficulty room, which incorporates our theme of "a little bit scary and a whole lot funny."
  The Players must decide whether or not to use clues.  A live actor is in the room at all times to help if you need assistance to navigate your way through this funtastic escape adventure.  Bring your sense of humor and be prepared for 90 minutes of sensory overload.   

Room Capacity:  10 players   --  Minimum Number of Players:  4  ---   Time:     90 minutes

Clownatorium-2 Upside Down is not recommended for players under 12 as it is dark, and its subject matter may be too scary

for younger players.  Additionally, younger players cannot contribute anything to the game as the puzzles

are designed with adult players in mind.  Players under 18 need a person over 18 to remain on the premises. 



A very Goony spoof on finding King Arthur's swords and the Grails. 

THE GAME:  It was the Year 1099 and Knights Templar were charged with protecting valuable artifacts from Jerusalem.  Utilizing the Silk Road, they made their way across Asia and secured a ship, which they navigated north up the coast of Asia.  After crossing the Bering Straits, they headed south along the coast of North America until arriving in a bay now known as San Diego Harbor.  After encountering hostile Indians, they were forced to hide their precious treasure and then they disappeared.  Lost to the world for 600 years, the Templar treasure trove remained hidden in a cave in La Jolla until a Spanish pirate called “One-Eyed Billy” found the treasure and decided to move it inland to a new location.  After weeks of rain when the river that dumped into San Diego Bay had over-run its banks, One-Eyed Billy and his crew loaded the Templar treasure into a large row boat and headed inland until they found a large cavern which had been cut out of the banks of the plateau (now called called La Mesa). 

No one knows what happened to One-Eyed Billy, his crew or the treasure after that point. You and your friends have been told that One-Eyed Billy’s treasure was gold, jewels, the Holy Grail, and King Arthur’s sword.  Your friend found a map that showed a hidden entrance to a lost cave system called Nightwalker Caverns where the treasure is supposedly hidden.  The only part of the map that is decipherable is actually a basement of an old restaurant.  The caverns were sealed off by the City over a hundred years ago due. 

You’ve heard stories about strange lights around the restaurant at night.  Alien spaceships have been seen hovering over the location.  Could the aliens be searching for the mystical grail which supposedly holds the secret of eternal life? 

Legend has it that the treasure is cursed.  The map has vanished along with everyone who tries to locate the treasure. Your group must race the aliens to solve the mystery of the lost treasure.  Don’t lose yourself or your friends while immersed in this “Gooneze-2 Lost Treasure" adventure-styled escape room game.

This unique San Diego escape room is suitable for tweens, teens, and adults with a sense of adventure -- but don't be fooled -- the puzzles are challenging enough for even the most skilled escape room enthusiasts.  Escape game players are left to the task of solving one of history's mysteries -- finding the Holy Grail.  

This room may contain gruesome depictions unsuitable for children. 

This room is not recommended for children under 12 years as it is dark and may be scary. 

Persons under 18 must be accompanied by adults. 

Room capacity:  8 players  -- Minimum Number of Escape Game Players:  4   --   Time:     60 minutes
This is a LEVEL 1 (CHALLENGING) puzzle oriented SPOOF.




​​               This is not a scary escape room game, unless you are afraid of mummies and being trapped in a tomb.

A spoof on tomb raider and mummy adventure movies where team escape game players are transported

through a worm hole back in time 36,400 years to the Zep Tepi era when

Gods possessing eternal life still ruled the planet.  

Only the most savvy escape game players will successfully escape the space/time travelling ship and free

Queen Tut-Ra-men before the tomb collapses or suffer eternal entrapment! 

This room is designed for experienced escape room gamers and is not suitable for younger players under 14 due to the

complexity of the puzzles and skill level needed for escape.  Persons under 18 must be accompanied by adults.

Room capacity 10 players  -- Minimum Number of Players:  4 --  Time:  90 minutes

This is a LEVEL 3 (EXPERT ESCAPE ROOM PLAYER) puzzle oriented SPOOF.